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BulletProof Transfers!
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    BulletProof FTP Client for Windows Windows Support Compatible:
    Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
    Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
    64-bit & 32-bit
    Transfer Files with BulletProof Reliability!

    BulletProof FTP Client for Windows - Beta Versions

    We're working hard to release the next update to BulletProof FTP Client for Windows v2010.x

    To the end, we'd like to start making beta versions available to the public. However, I use the term beta loosly in that these binaries are Compiled == Tested versions and should not be used in a production environment or by someone that gets upset easily at computer or nice programmers.

    At the current time, we're doing bug-tracking outside of public-view; there's going to be bugs in these version, this is something we already know and we've already categorized them, so there's no need to report the problem.

    Use at your own risk! and please don't get mad if they misbehave. But tell us if they do, what they do and how you got it to malfunction.

    Download Version Compile Date Download Size Change Log
    Download 2010.73.0.72 2011-02-09 3.4 MB What's New